Ski-Doo Summit 670 Issues

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I have a ’95 Ski-Doo Summit 670…just bought it and previous owner said it ran good but the starter rewind was broken.

It hadn’t been run for a couple of years. We replaced the little plastic piece now 4 times,it just doesn’t hold up to pulling the rope, because it backfires and then you can hear the piece break inside.

We have gone thru the carbs, cleaned the cylinders, replaced the plugs, and it just breaks again! Any suggestions on a replacement that is more sturdy?



Of course without having it here makes it very difficult to analyse but here goes:

1st thing is that the 1995 Summitt WAS hard on rewind starters and its components. The problem was solved in 1996 when they went to a new rewind which was much bigger in diameter and therefore less stressed.

The thing that concerns me though is the backfiring….that is definitely not good and would be hard on the rewind.

The 95’s were straight carbs I believe (versus H.A.C.-High Altitude Compensation in 96) and they were shipped jetted for elevation. We had to re-calibrate them for flat land use and thats one thing I would be checking to make sure it was done right.

Has the engine ever been apart? One of the most common causes of backfiring is someone tearing it down and not getting the rotary valve back in the right place/timed properly and you end up with intake at the wrong time resulting in backfiring.

Could also be some internal problems like scuffed piston(s) OR we have a leak somewhere, possibly a crankshaft seal.

Anyway, even though the rewind wasn’t the greatest, you’re still busting too many parts.

I believe if you find the cause of the backfiring the rewind problems will be alleviated.

Hope this helps.

Paul Prentice
Prentice Powersports

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