Ski-Doo Rebuildable Shocks

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How come you guys (and other mags) don’t get on Doo’s case more about their lack of rebuildable shocks?

I have to get an X or a XRS to get rebuildables (way too much money when an adrenaline or Blizzard with rebuildable shocks will do). Every other OEM has rebuildable shocks way down the line.

I owned a 2003 Rev8 adrenaline (with rebuildable shocks)…and loved it. I wanted to get a 2006 Renegade but to get rebuildable shocks I would have had to spend $2000 more (for an X) than the regular Xfire7 that I did purchase.

I have no regrets (love the Xfire too), but want Doo to be an option for my next sled and I don’t see it if I have to spend so much more to get rebuildable shocks.

Kerry L. Johnson


Thanks for your email!

Your issue is one which affects a relatively small number of owners but, as you have so clearly stated, is important to those riders who know the difference. I am forwarding your comment on to Ski-Doo so they’ll know how you feel and how it affected your purchase decision.


Motorhead Mark


I’m not trying to argue, but it appears to me that this issue affects pretty much every Doo owner (or prospective owner) who doesn’t own (or want) an X or XRS.

The possible fact that those who don’t own Xs and XRSs don’t care is another matter. It appears to me that Doo is selectively de-contenting their line-up where they can because they are No. 1 by a pretty good margin from what I hear (I believe the latest Xs have steel rebuildables with no piggybacks instead of aluminum rebuildables with piggybacks on previous year Xs) .

Anyways, they have every right to offer whatever they want and I guess the people will decide. I’m just disappointed because I’d love to have a Blizzard with rebuildable shocks……Oh well, thanks for your response.

Kerry L. Johnson


Hey Kerry,

I won’t argue with you. Here’s the deal, most consumers don’t know when their shocks need re-building – it’s true. Ski-Doo has likely concluded the hardcore, more aware owner will buy the higher performance model – the XRS – because they do know the diff.

For someone like yourself, I can understand what you’re after. Unfortunately, we do not dictate to the OE’s what they should offer. Actually you do – you vote with your wallet!

Good luck!



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