Should I Upgrade To An E-TEC?

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Dear Motorhead:

Its time to upgrade my 04 MXZX 800HO as it has 15000 kms on it. I’m looking at a barely used (2000km) MXZX 600 E-TEC. Am I nuts, is this too little power and will it be heads and tails better than my previous REV?

I’m 200lbs, and ride southern ontario trails (aggressively) with some ditch banging. Any help or advice you could give would be great, my old sled has been good and I’m affraid of the next generation, but I know its that much better. I had thought of a Renegade with a 600 E-TEC, but thought that would be under powered and really my shortie never left me digging.

Thanks again for the help in advance.



Thanks for your email!

Okay, you have to decide if you can live with a 125 HP 600 after honing trails with a 150 HP Powertek 800. I can’t do this for you you but I can give you some rationale.

First, the XP chassis is 50 pounds lighter minimum than your “old” original Rev – you get full measure for the 125 HP the E-TEC delivers. The E-TEC is a superb running mill with great manners, excellent power and amazing drive-ability including stupid 20 plus mpg. The chassis handles better than what you’ve got, rides better and is all round more competent than the original Rev. However, you will be going down in power.

In practical terms (when was the last time you met a “practical” snowmobiler?) I would take the new E-TEC 600 over the 800 you’ve got in a heart beat – but I’m not you.

Maybe you should look around for a low mileage 800 E-TEC? That would solve the problem – wouldn’t it?

Hope this helps – and good luck!

Motorhead Mark

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