Should I Buy A Ski-Doo or A Polaris???

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if you where looking for a new sled and had $10,000 would buy the Polairs 700 dragon 155 or the Ski-Doo 800 Everest 154 X package?



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Okay, here’s my honest answer – faced with the same question, I think it would be something other than the sled which would determine my purchase.

Why? These are both exceptionally good sleds with strong virtues and equal weaknesses.

The Polaris is obviously more proven and a little heavier while the XP is lighter and all-new.

The power of the new 800R in the SD is exceptional but so is the Polaris 700 – maybe slightly less though than the SD.

The issue for me would be the best deal at the best dealer. I don’t think you can make a bad decision here.

I usually have stronger opinions but this is too close to call based solely on the sleds.


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