Screaming Deal on 2005 Supersport

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Dear Motorhead,

I got a screaming deal on a new 05 Supersport. Nice sled and I relied on your “no bull” opinion to help with my decision. However, the ride in the moguls and chatter could be better (not much better than my xtra-10 skid).

I wanted to get into a Rev chassis but couldn’t justify the expense for 2 months of the year. A few cheap mods like a handle bar riser and raising the seat help the transition from sitting to standing but I still want a smoother skid. What’s next? A better center shock with a progressive spring? Or jump right into an Expert-x or M-10? Which of these are better?

Are they that much better than the Edge skid? Have you tried any other Edge skid mods? What about more adjustments on my existing Edge skid? Any help would be appreciated. 




Thanks for your email!

Here’s the deal. The SS is an economy sled – the shocks are just steel twin tube gas baggers.

If you want to improve your ride look at some Ryde FX clickers for the rear skid. They have units which bolt right on and work great. You’ll get adjustability and improved ride quality – but it won’t be cheap.

Motorhead Mark

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