RS Vector Issues

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Dear Motorhead,

I have a 2007 Yamaha RS Vector that will sputter and quit when the tank level gets low (around a 1/4) like it is out of gas.

If you spray a little starting fluid in it it will then pick up and run. It acts like it is out of gas, but for some reason it just loses its prime.

My brother has the same sled and experienced similar problems. We took them back to the dealer and he says he has never seen this and we have tried everything from checking the gas tank vent to cutting an angle in the vent hose on top of the carbs in case it was sucking onto something to cause it to lose its prime.

The hose is the last thing we did before I put it away for the summer and am waiting to go out again to see if it still does it.

My question is have you ever seen this and could you suggest a remedy? I like the sled but reliability issue is not what I want to worry about every time I leave the trailer.




Here’s some informed info directly from Yamaha on what to check.
Couple of things come to mind.. Is he going by the electric fuel gauge at 1/4 tank? Have they actually checked the physical fuel level?

The other thing I have personally experienced – the fuel pick-up / filter is on a piece of line (or two, can’t remember on Vector) that dangles in the bottom of the tank.

I have seen it where the sled is put over on its side and the fuel line gets hung-up on the fuel level sensor float which is kind of like a toilet tank float valve (please disregard the analogy).

He should get out a flash light and take a close look in the tank and make sure the pick-up is lying in the bottom He can pull out the little white filler neck thingy to get a better look.

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