Rough Handling Switchback

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Dear Motorhead,

I recently purchased a 2008 Polaris 700 Dragon Switchback and a 2008 Polaris 600 IQ Shift. One of the main reasons that I purchased the Switchback was because I read a number of articles stating how smooth of a ride the rear suspension provided.

I apparently do not have something adjusted properly on the rear suspension as I seem to get a lot of “kickback” when riding on rough trails.

In fact, I found the the IQ Shift to provide a much smoother ride in those situations. Considering that I paid $3,000 more for the Switchback, I assumed the ride would be smoother.

I weigh approximately 235 lbs (w/snowmobile gear) and have the torsion spring adjustment set to “medium” (4.5″ sag).

I also tried adjusting the knob setting on the rear shock and did not notice any difference.

I then adjusted the FRSS & RRSS blocks and still did not notice any difference.

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have that will help me correct this situation.


Thanks for your email!

Here’s what we’ve done to our SB’s. Set the torsion springs on either full soft or maybe medium – as you have done.

Open the rear coupler block by removing it and putting it in the rear lower hole. Then rotate the rear block so the skinny side is facing the drop link. This will make for the least coupling in the rear-to-front direction. Got it?

I would take the compression damping clicker to full soft (all the way out) and then move it in one click at a time to compensate for any potential bottoming.

You are kicking back because you’re weight is keeping the sled coupled all the time- essentially from sag. Sag is good but you need to get the drop link uncoupled sooner. This should help.

Motorhead Mark

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