Rev XP Chain Case Maintenance

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Dear Motorhead,

I currently own a 2005 REv MXZ 800 and I’m interested in the new Rev XP. The one thing I am really impressed with on my ’05 is the ease of changing the chain case oil. It is a 10 minute job and the only tool needed is an allen wrench.

Do you know if this is the same on the new 08 models?



Thanks for your email!

I’ve got to admit – I’ve never had a reader make chain case service a priority in a purchase decision. This leads me to believe you are a technical owner.

Here’s what I know. The XP while very compact and rationalized in every way is also a very simple design.

The case looks accessible but honestly, I haven’t had one apart – yet. I agree – the old Rev was easy to work on from a chain standpoint but plug service and carb work were not exactly fun.

I think the new XP will be tight in these areas of owner service as well.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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