Renegade Plug Problem

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I love my ’06 Renegade 600, but it keeps fowling plugs. I use the NGK BR9ecs at 10 bucks a shot its starting to “p” me off.

I try to repair my own sleds because I live in the bush far away from services and I like it.

My boys and I have an older Cat sled with the spirit 340cc engine, we have no spark. I have replaced the coil, CDI, checked all wiring, this one’s got me stumped, maybe you have an idea before i turn it into a flower pot.

Great magazine lots of helpfull stuff.




Thanks for your question!

You should have a dealer look at your SDI Renegade. There were some issues with plug fowling in 05 and 06 and there may be something available to help.

Have you looked at the “two way switch” on the throttle block of your older AC with no spark? This system cut the ignition when the throttle cable or carb slide(s) stuck.

If it is not adjusted properly (cable tension) it will stop any spark.


Mark “Motorhead” Lester

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