Rebuilding The Clutch On An ’86 Bravo

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Dear Motorhead,

I need help with a rebuild on a ’86 Yamaha Bravo secondary clutch. My dealer is no help. What parts would I need?

My Dealer said some parts are not available, too much money, etc. It’s something that I think I could handle myself. The sled is ridden by my kids (7-10yrs).

When ridden, it doesn’t seem like it’s reving out like it should. When on a stand there is no problem. Springs maybe?

Any help would be great!



Thanks for your email!

At the risk of sounding like a jerk, I have to tell you your inquiry requires pages of copy to answer.

A sled this old needs more than the secondary looked at. Carb? Primary? Compression? Chaincase? All these issues need to be covered.

If parts are an issue look for a used supplier (wrecker) on the web – there is a number of used parts sources which can help you!

Good luck.

Motorhead Mark

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