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Dear Motorhead:

I just read the latest issue of Supertrax and in the BEST IN CLASS section you list the Polaris 600 Shift as best in its class. In its downfalls you mention it has no tach yet my 2010 shift 121 comes with the full guage package just like the higher end IQ models.

Yesterday I went to local dealer to check out the 2011 models both a 121 and 136 and they also had the full guage package (the analogue and digital read out). What exactly do you mean that it has no tach? My Shift’s and the 2011 in the showroom have the same guage package as everyother IQ I have seen.

Also, you mention the 600 Shift has the 2 injector CFI engine. Under the belt/tool kit on my 2010 shift 600 121 mine says its a 4-injector. Is it a different system for 2011 and is it the same system as the 600 RUSH?

I find it very confusing as to what engine/CFI system Polaris is running in there 600s and which model has which set up. I can’t seem to find this info anywhere.

Thanks for your time and any info you may have.



Thanks for your email!

No doubt you read our complete BIC feature in great detail and for this I am truly pleased!

You may have noticed my brother (Kent) made fun of me suggesting Mom had dropped me on my head at birth because he disagreed with some of my (all?) picks for BIC Awards. This was deeply troubling for me. Of course my picks were correct – right?

Your attention to detail actually completely exonerates me from the “dropped on my head” comment as I specifically instructed Kent as we were going to press that the 600 Shift CFI motor is in fact a four injector engine. So, who really was dropped on his head?

The reference to no tach is obviously incorrect – good call on your part.The reason Kent is confused is two fold.

1) the new 800 Liberty was four injectors in past years but is a two injector in MY 11 and 2) in actual fact two years ago Polaris released a 2 injector 600 available only in the Shift 136. It was discontinued the following year and returned to four injectors.

Truth is Mom did drop me, but I landed on my feet!

Motorhead Mark

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