Poor Fuel Economy on 2009 Polaris Switchback 800

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Dear Motorhead,

What gives? I have a 2009 800 Switchback that gets terrible mileage. The front pushes so bad it is dangerous, and will not turn in loose snow.

I have shortened the limiter strap one hole & firmed up ski shocks. This did help a bit on trails but not in loose snow .

Any suggestions?




Thanks for your email!

Sounds like something is very wrong with your SB 8.

I would ask the dealer to get the ECU re-flashed first. There’s no way you should be seeing gas mileage in the 8-11 range.

Your steering issue may be related to snow conditions and unless you’re always on loose snow I would not fiddle with the limiter – we have thousands of miles of experience with this platform and it is an exceptional handler.

Maybe go to a Stud Boy Deuce bar or Slim Jims to help with the push in loose snow. Changing the limiter will lead you astray when the trails are hard pack.

Hope this helps.

Motorhead Mark

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