Need a Tail Cooler

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Dear Motorhead,

Thanks for helping me with my question on the 03 800 Rev cooling/ beaver tail problem. Ok so you said I need to install a tail cooler well I looked and asked around and I found no tail cooler.

If someone makes a tail cooler who is it and how can I get in touch with them? The dealers and people I talked to said to add a longer snow flap or get a cooler out of a 04 sled.

I guess at this point Im not sure what to do that’s why Im asking the experts. 



Thanks for your email!

You’re on the right track! There is no text book/part number fix for your situation. I would caution you about the snow flap idea – yes, it will help but you’ll still be overheating when the snow is skinny.

Look around for a parted out later model Rev and use the cooler from it or even switch the entire set of tunnel top and tail coolers over to the 04-07 set-up.

You could get creative if you’re handy and get a cooler out of another brand and jury rig it into the rear as well.

Good luck.

Motorhead Mark

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