Looking To Buy An ’07 Sled

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I am looking to buy a left over 2007 sled. I have had 3 new REV’s over the years and would like to try a Polaris 600 IQ CFI.

Are they reliable and what type of gas mileage do you get running the machine hard. I here stories of 20 MPG with 600 SDI ski-doo’s.

I had a 2004 600 SDI renegade and I would see 12-13 MPG running the machine hard in powder conditions? Will the Polaris stack up to the Skid-doo with reliability, if not I will buy a left over Blizzard 600 or 800. Do you have an opinion on either engine.

Rick Witte



We’ve had excellent results from the Polaris CFI 600 this year. This engine uses similar semi-direct injection tech to the Ski-Doo (There’s a difference in the placement of the two injectors per cylinder) and although the fuel economy, in our experience hasn’t been quite as good as the 600 SDI Ski-Doo, it does make more power.

Both engines use a knock sensor and burn very clean. Truth is, though, the single biggest facror in mileage is how you drive. If you’re running deep powder, full throttle all the time you’ll be lucky to get 10mpg.

We base our mileage experiences on lakes and groomed trails, mostly riding hardpack. It’s the only way we can get a constant, uniform consumption reading.

We haven’t heard about any out-of-the ordinary reliability problems with the 600 CFI and our press unit was a big-miler this year for us. Take your pick.

Kent Lester

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