Looking at a Renegade or Switchback

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I have a 2004 Ski Doo MXZ-x 600SDI. I am looking at a Ski Doo Renegade 600 or 800R and Polaris Switchback 600 or 700 looking at Renegade X and Switcback Dragon which sled will perform better on trails in bumps, and off trail and overall handling .

I like the way my ’04 handles but Polaris has just come out with this strong engine in 600 125 CFI and all new 136 skid which is better all around sled?

Polaris seems to be a little better value in price and 3 year bumper to bumper warranty but will I be sorry I didn’t stay with Rev xp new lighter sled with same 600SDI??

The 600 SDI seems to be bullet proof but wish it had a little more power now 800R is better gas mileage than 600SDI

Gary Durand


First, remember this – we said the new 2008 800R XP Rev with a 120 inch track was better on fuel than a 2007 Rev 600 SDI. We fully expect – but have not verified – the new XP chassis with a 600 SDI will be even better on fuel than the 800 R XP and much better than the already excellent economy of the current Rev 600 SDI. Got it?

Okay, your question is largely un-answerable because of things like price and dealer support. Both the new XP 137 Renegade and the 136 IQ either in X or Dragon trim – are excellent sleds.

If you’re talking this year (2007) the performance of the Polaris 600 CFI mill is without any question – superior to any other 600 – and not by a small margin. The 600 CFI will run with most 700’s and some 800’s. It is the benchmark in the 600 class in MY 07. Will an 08 XP 600 SDI be faster than an IQ 600 CFI? Dunno.

We just returned from Snow Shoot and rode all the new iron. Unfortunately, it was at 10,000 ft and performance on all the sleds was very poor as a result. We do know the new XP drive-line provides dramatically improved efficiency in the transfer of power.

However, the 600 SDI mill is essentially the same engine as it has been since ’04. Ski-Doo didn’t make any claims of an HP increase for ’08 in the XP. As far as ride and handling the XP is amazing but many of the experienced staff here at Supertrax are sold on the IQ’s variable castor IFS. Both sleds ride very well. The Ski-Doo is all-new and the IQ 600 will be in its third year of production.

Here’s what you might want to do. Ask yourself about the deal and the dealer because you can’t go wrong with either brand this year.

Motorhead Mark

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