Is There A Common Issue With Cleanfire 600 Mills?

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Dear Motorhead:

I love reading all the articles on here and find the comments people post about them to be quit informative as to what happens on a large scale. For example, how people talk about their reverses breaking on their 2012 Arctic Catss, which recently happened to me.

My question is I have a 2012 Switchback Adventure 600 and I’ve never read anything on here about there being issues with the liberty 600 engines but, my sled 600 broke in the first 450 miles as it ended up having an electrical problem with one of the injectors that was causing the sled to shut off.

I was recently at a dealership and one of the mechanics told me that’s a common problem with that sled. Is this true?

Is this sled going to have continued problems or is this just a rival dealership blowing smoke?

Joe O


Thanks for your email!

We’ve been using Polaris 600 Liberty powered sleds for the past 7 years and have yet to see an injector fail.

IMO the 600 Cleanfire mill is among the most bulletproof 600 class engines available.

That’s not to say there could never be a problem – that’s why OEM’s offer warranty’s – to ensure you’re looked after in the event of an anomaly.

Some early Cleanfire 800 Liberties did have injector issues – however the 600’s did not.

Hope this helps.

Motorhead Mark

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