Is Polaris Catching Up To Ski-Doo With Technology?

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Dear Motorhead,

Is Polaris just catching up to Ski-Doo with the new coupled suspension in the 2008 SBacks?? It looks like the REV chassis that we first saw in 2003.



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The skid used in the new 136 Switchbacks is essentially the same unit used in IQ’s in 121 form – just longer. This same skid is scary similar to the Edge skid developed for the original EDGE chassis in 1999.

Double coupling was actually pioneered by Polaris (albeit it was used in M-10 skids earlier and in the original MX-X limited builds in 1991) in production, consumer available sleds.

Coupling didn’t appear in Ski-Doo’s until the arrival of the ACM (acceleration control modulator) skid in the CK-3’s released in the mid-90’s.

Motorhead Mark

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