IQ Dragon Handling Issues

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Dear Motorhead,

I have a 2007 Dragon IQ 700. On low speed it is hard to steer and on high speed I can’t turn corners without the ski lifting.

Can you tell me how I can adjust this?

Thank you,


Thanks for your email!

You have too much ski pressure! You need to put more preload on the front arm shock in the rear skid and reduce the preload on the two front A Frame shocks.

How many inches of carbide are using on the skis? If you have more than 6 inches of carbide or are using a dually or duece double carbide bar your situation will be worse as a result of too much ski pressure.

I would also suggest you move the rear scissors stops to the bottom (most rearward) hole.

This will allow for more weight transfer and might lower steering effort. However, it’s possible this could increase ski lift.

I think your problem is all about too much ski pressure.

Good luck!

Motorhead Mark

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