Ice Build Up on Switchback Steering Arms

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Dear Motorhead,

Have you had much feedback on the 2008 Switchback sleds having issues with snow and ice building up in the rubber boots on the steering arms?

I have had other riders tell me they are ripping them off as the steering freezes up. The boots are only held on by 2 bolts and a pop rivet.

Did Polaris have a better design in the past as Ski-Doo experienced this problem on older models but the new XP sleds have no boots at all?

Also, the side panels on the Switchbacks seem quite hard to remove, especially in cold weather. Has Polaris made any statements that you know of regarding these drawbacks???



Thanks for your email!

We used a limited build 08 SB 700 last year and are still riding it now with over 2500 miles on the odo. No boot problems.

The side panels are tricky – here’s what we discovered from repeated use. First – practice putting the clutch side on in the garage where its warm. Then when you’re outside you’ll have a much easier time.

Put the front tabs in first, then swing the panel closed positioning the lower tabs and the awkward upper rear tab carefully over their respective openings.

Once you have this done and verified everything lines up a simple downward tap will engage all three tabs (two on the lower edge and the weird upper rear tab.

I know this sounds oversimplified but after we practiced it I can almost throw the panels at the sled and have them lock on.

Good luck!

Motorhead Mark

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