How To Fix Nytro Darting Issues

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Dear Motorhead:

First of all, I’m a big fan. I love the show and I swear by the things I have learned from you guys.

I recently bought an ’08 Nytro RTX and I’m starting to worry about darting and weight transfer issues. I’ve never ridden a Nytro and I’m trying to get it ready for the 2014 season.

What are the most effective improvements I can make to my sled to improve handling and stability without breaking the bank?

Hope to hear from you soon.



Jason –

Thanks for your email!

2008 was the first year for the Nytro and it was the only year the sled had the front end geometry yours has. The sled with stock skis is quite nervous and has a vague on-center feel.

In 2009 the A-arms and spindles were updated and this improved handling, settled the front end but did not address the skis – which IMO were the biggest part of the problem. There are a couple things you can do which will make a huge improvement in handling and reduce darting dramatically.

Your first option is Snowtrackers. They advertise in Supertrax and have a ski modifier and special carbide which will stop darting, preserve turn-in and settle the handling so you can rail corners. They are relatively inexpensive and effective.

The second answer is Split Rail skis. These split profile skis come with a new spindle for your Nytro and they are the best answer to fixing the quirky handling of your 08.

These skis are not cheap however you will not regret installing them – particularly if you’ve ridden your 08 stock and experienced the darting and nervous on-center feel.

Suspension on an RTX is great for ditch banging however you will likely want to soften all the compression clickers to full soft and back the rear torsion springs to light.

Ride the sled this way and only increase compression damping if you experience persistent bottoming of the front ski shocks or the rear arm shock.

If you are of average weight the softest setting on the rear torsion springs should be plenty of preload.

Hope this helps.

Motorhead Mark

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