How Much Oil Do I Add After A Rebuild?

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Dear Motorhead,

I have a 2006 Ski-Doo 600 HO SDI GTX Limited and I’m in the process of rebuilding the engine after a piston burn down. How much oil do I add to the first tank of gas?




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It is usually accepted that a mixture of 50:1 (about 15 ounces in five gallons) in your first tank of fuel after a 2 stroke rebuild is adequate. What is equally – if not more important – is to stay light on the loud handle for at least 30-50 miles.

Allow the piston rings a chance to “seat” and keep the combustion temps low in an effort to not unnecessarily create a tight condition from excess heat. You may want to insert new plugs after running the oil rich fuel through.

Your engine does not like excess oil from a long term standpoint and the plugs may get “hairy” and not perform as well as they should or could.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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