How Can I Remove My Shocks For Rebuilding?

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Dear Motorhead,

I’d like to have all 4 OEM shocks on my ’05 Polaris 600 XC SP rebuilt. My dealer sends them out to a shock expert so I’d like to remove them myself. The front end are coil over Ryde FX.

What is the best method for removing the front end shocks & do I require any special tools for compressing the springs?

Also it’s been a while since I’ve removed a skid frame & I’ve never removed one with a torque sensing link that my Edge chasis has. Any pointers to make this job easier would be greatly appreciated.




Thanks for your email!

You’ll need a spring compressor to remove the coil over springs from the the front shocks. Your shock guy will do it so leave them on.

The TSL should be unbolted from the tunnel – not the rear arm. You likely need a very skinny open end wrench to reach between the link and the upper rear tire to hold the bolt while you loosen it from the running board. I’ve actually ground down a wrench for this specific purpose. 

The drill is to put down a mat on the garage floor and throw the sled around on its side – don’t try to do a skid with the rear of the sled elevated – it doesn’t work – either removal or install is much harder.

Flip it back and forth and you’ll be much happier. Insert the skid into the track with the track pulled completely out of the tunnel and then swing it back into the tunnel. This is the hardest part of the re-install.

Shove the rail tips way up to the drive axle when you swing the skid and track back in. You can loosen the rear tires and shove the axle forward but guys who know how to do this don’t normally move the rear axle forward.

When it comes down to it – you simply have to learn each sleds nuances. It sucks the first time but after you do it once you’ll be telling everyone else how it’s done. You will have skinned knuckles to prove you did it. 

Hey, it’s a while til we ride again so take your time.

Motorhead Mark

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