How Can I Get More Power From My 600 Switchback?

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I am looking to get more power from my 2007 600 CFI Switchback without voiding my 4yr warranty.

I see Polaris offers the exhaust silencer and EPI clutch kit. Are either of these going to help, or am I going to have to wait?

Just wondering if they will give me some HP and how much if any? Or… or… should I wait a year and hope Polaris comes out with a 800 Dragon Switchback.

From the sounds of it, the 800 motor is pretty sick.




Thanks for your email!

Seriously, you’re the first guy I’ve heard from who thinks his CF 600 Polaris Liberty needs “more power”. Cough.

Sure, you can bolt on some stuff but you’re already hanging onto the hottest 600 class Rooster – hands down.

Yes, the new 800 is sick. We fully expect a 136 SB version to be a part of the 2009 line-up. In the meantime, there is a limited run of 121 800’s and from what we hear the line-up is way-long to get one.

I wouldn’t mess around with your CF 600 – I’d enjoy roosting my Buds and then threaten them with the promise you’re looking at a 2009 800 SB.

Motorhead Mark

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