Fowling Plugs On 800 Dragon SP

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Dear Motorhead,

I was wondering if u guys have had or heard of any problems with the new Dragons fowling plugs. I have an 800 SP and have gone through 4 already and have only 70 miles on it.

I’ll admit though that I was letting it idle maybe a lilttle too much at first. I also know of a guy in my area with a 600 SP that is having the same problem.

Also, I was wondering how much a 1.5 inch track would affect the trail riding performance of my sled. Would I have to upgrade the carbides for the added traction?



Thanks for your email!

If you’re using non-ethanol fuel you need to hook up the two wires behind the left key panel. This will allow a leaner fuel map and will cure your problem.

Do not hook up this wire if you are in the mid west US and using high percentage ethanol fuel.

I wouldn’t recommend a 1.5 lug track unless you will be almost exclusively riding in deep snow with little hard pack running.

Simply put you’ll burn up your hyfax in record time. 1.25 is the highest lug practical for both deep and hard pack snow use.

Motorhead Mark

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