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Dear Motorhead,

I have an 2007 F8 that pushes in the corners. I have studs and 8″ or 10″ dually carbides.

What do you recommend for additional ski pressure?




Thanks for your email!

Almost all MY 07 F-Series AC’s pushed – with the exception of the 4 stroke powered version.

There were multiple things to be done to these sleds to reduce the understeer (push).

Pulling up the front arm slightly to increase ski pressure was the best fix however it de-activated the sliding front arm feature and diminished ride quality under certain conditions.

The dually carbides may not be the best answer. They spread bite over too large a surface. I would return to 6-8 inch single runner carbides. Yes, darting will increase but handling will improve.

Also dial up the front suspension preload settings to increase ski-pressure even more.

Finally – ensure you have no studs in the outer track belts – only the center belt. You can also update your sway-bar to 08 spec – it had a lot of “stiction” in 07 and created binding which made the understeer worse.

The real fix for this issue came with a new tunnel to bulkhead angle which steepens the rake of the front spindles – this cures the problem and allows the sled to steer like it should.

Motorhead Mark

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