Excessive Carbide Wear and I don’t Know Why?!

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Dear Motorhead:

I absolutely love SnowTrax and never miss an episode.

I have a question regarding my 2011 Ski Doo MXZ X 600 E-TEC. Last season I had steering issues. I checked the skis and the carbides on both skis were missing. Ripped from their holes. Have you heard of this?

BRP will not help me as they say it is due to excessive road riding. I do not ride on the road that much. Can you please help me with this?


Thanks for your email!

Ray, I like you. I think you are likely a great guy – even though we haven’t met. However, there is no way the carbides got “ripped” from your skis. Bud, they wore out! Disintegrated, dissolved and turned into steel filings.

What gets me about your story is this – how often do you actually lift your sled up on one ski and check those carbides?

Bud, they wear – that’s why your dealer and Woody’s and a jillion other aftermarket companies build and sell maybe a trillion sets every season.

Your situation would be like going back to a car dealer with your new car and telling him the rubber wore off your tires – and you can’t understand why. It’s called friction. You have run some roads or some low snow trails – that’s what happened to your carbides.

You now have another issue which I suggest you investigate. Check the bottom profile of your skis and make sure the plastic is not all ground away – especially around the area where the carbides mount. If it is and you simply bolt on new carbides they will protrude too deep into the snow and cause steering issues – not the least of which will be increased darting and heavy effort.

Next time, check your carbides after every weekend’s use or after a long ride with excessive roads and minimum snow.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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