ETEC vs. Cleanfire

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Dear Motorhead:

We have two 2010 renegade 600 ETECs and one 2012 polaris 600 switchback pro-R.

When drag racing, the Polaris gets out to a 2-3 sled length lead in the first 100-150 feet, then the ETECs blow the Polaris away on a lake run.

Do we have a dog or are Cleanfire engines geared only for corner to corner runs?



Thanks for your email!

Your observations regarding the holeshot ability of the Polaris Switchback with its uncoupled rear skid are accurate.

We’ve found the Cleanfire 600 to be very competitive against the E-TEC 600 – I suspect you may have some clutching or belt issues with your SB.

Most often the Polaris Pro Ride sleds will holeshot the E-TEC and it usually takes speeds past 60-70 per to allow the E-TEC to catch up – from there we find the E-TEC does have more jam at the big end and can often win a full pull down a long lake.

Your situation seems like you may need a little tweak to your 600 Cleanfire. That’s how we see it here!

Hope this helps,


Motorhead Mark

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