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I think you missed the point of the question published online 01/11/07 (see question here).

I think he’s asking has there been any testing done to see how long these leaner 2-strokes and higher reveing and turboed 2-more strokes are going to last.

In other words, are we losing some life expectancy of our engines so that they can meet more stringent EPA regulations?


Thanks for your email!

Again, no there has not been any such testing other than what you and we hear from the market.

My sense is the new knock sensor equipped 2 strokes are far more reliable and seizure resistant than anything we’ve seen in this biz. The turbo 4 stroke AC triple – in our estimation is very reliable.

As most enthusiasts know, Polaris had some issues with the last year’s FST – however, the issues were not with the engine/turbo unit.

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