Emergency Leak-Down Test Needed

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Dear Motorhead,

My 2005 MXZ 800 X is slow to disengage or idle down when you let off on the throttle. Plus its backfiring quite a bit.

My dealer can’t fix it and doesn’t want to. Can you help?



Thanks for your email!

As soon as you indicated you have had crank issues with the engine my antennae where up – you better get a leak-down test done ASAP!

Very high idle and backfiring are primary warnings of leaking main seals. If a new seal(s) were installed it/they may not be properly seated.

If air is leaking in and/or out – you will get an overly lean condition and a weird “hanging” high idle. This situation can and usually does cause a piston burn down from being overly lean.

However, you’re engine (I assume it’s a PowerTek?) has a knock sensor which will protect the motor by pulling out timing when the cylinder goes lean and creates knock. Still, you can’t keep running this way. 

A leak-down test is needed – pronto!

Motorhead Mark

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