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Dear Motorhead:

I’m thinking about buying a Ski-Doo 600 E-TEC Renegade Adrenaline and was wondering how reliable these engines are.

As you’ve tested a lot of these I’m wondering if they would make it to 10,000 miles.

How good is the 600 RUSH Pro R and which of the two would be the better buy?




Thanks for your email!

There are E-TEC 600’s running around with big miles on them right now. I would suggest any snowmobile engine with 10,000 miles on it – 4-stroke or 2-stroke – will require “freshening”.

I’ve heard of both 2 and 4-stroke motors clearing the 10,000 mile mark however, my feeling is this – the rest of the sled will need a complete going over – re-bearing, all mechanical bits refreshed and then the drive-line clutches, chaincase etc.

The engine at this point might be running however, a normal life cycle of a snowmobile – in my opinion – from a mileage perspective – not a time perspective – is about 12,000 miles or around 20,000 klicks. That’s not to say you can’t go further, but at what cost versus trading in the unit and buying a new one?

The math of rebuilding or literally riding a sled to the 10,000 mile mark doesn’t square when you can deal the sled at the 5-6 thousand mile mark and invest less than riding it all the way to the level 10 and then paying to rebuild the entire sled.

I know, you only asked if an E-TEC will clear 10 thousand miles. Yes, I believe with proper maintenance it will.

Should you buy a Renny 137 E-TEC? If you have a good dealer then the sled will impress. Should you buy a new Rush? Yes, if you have a good dealer the sled will impress.

I can’t make this decision for you – you need to research and RIDE both to determine which is right for you. Again, the dealer can make all the difference.

Good Luck!

Motorhead Mark

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