Darting Issue and Solution

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Dear Motorhead,

I found the article on the Snowtracker ski runner very interesting. I have been fighting a BAD darting condition, heavy steering and inside ski-lift on my 06 Yamaha Attak.

My present set-up is pretty aggressive because I really enjoy precise steering. I have a Pair of C & A skis, 6 in shaper bars and upgraded the stock 11 mm swaybar to a 12 mm bar. 

I have been toying with the idea of putting the stock skis on and putting a pair of Snowtracker runners on. Could you recommend which runner, semi aggressive or the aggressive and any other set-up changes. 

I ride mainly groomed trails in Ontario and Quebec, but also put a fair amount of miles on the trail here in New York. 

Thanks for your time. 

Matt Burt 


Thanks for your email!

I would recommend the big ones (aggressive) for your riding profile. Let us know when you try them next winter what you think.

You’ll find the difference in the two runners (aggressive and trail) is not in the control but in the steering effort. They both track very, very straight and dart-free.

Motorhead Mark

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