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Dear Motorhead,

As it begins to snow and you start re-testing the newly tweaked, adjusted and improved 2008 sled line-up, will you be sharing the results?

I am comparing the Ski-Doo 600 Renegade and the Polaris 600 Dragon Switchback and need to understand if Polaris has put a package together that I’ll be happy with.

Will the final refinements of the spring testing make the sled the “one to buy”?

I really enjoyed your Volume 19 # 2 review of crossovers. It has me thinking.



Thanks for your email!

We have been on the snow this weekend and have sampled both the Switchback Polaris and the XP’s with the vibration isolating handlebars, updated body work and suspension tweaks.

The unit we’ve been on is an 800 X Renegade not a 600 SDI. However, the issues we had with the sled revolved more around the above than anything else.

I am completely satisfied Ski-Doo has aced the vibration issue in the bars – both our 600 TNT and the Renegade are vibe-free in the handlebars and there’s absolutely no down side to the de-coupling system used for the fix.

The bodywork now stays put and fits much better. No issues remain here. The suspension concerns we had – in particular with the rear skid – appear to be ironed out too. While it is difficult to evaluate skid action on early rides (no moguls yet) we have to say the sled is plush and compliant to a much greater degree than the units we rode in Colorado last spring.

The Polaris SB’s – in particular the 600 CFI – are still flat-out rockets. This engine is so impressive no one who rides it comes away with anything less than huge accolades.

The SB platform we rode last winter as a limited build is the same as the full builds with some subtle rear skid tweaks. They actually ride better now and that’s saying a lot as the limited was excellent.

Hope this helps.

Motorhead Mark

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