Broken Wheels On Polaris 600 IQ LX

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Dear Motorhead,

I have a 2008 Polaris 600 IQ LX. I bought the sled new, and it now has about 250 miles on it.

I added a set of bogie wheels in the available holes near the FRA. I have broken two wheels on the right hand side on the mounting block I added. The left side is fine, and I see no damage anywhere on the skid.

I ride on groomed trails, and do not recall hitting anything that could have broken the wheels.

Any ideas as to what’s happening?


Joe Kirkeby


Thanks for your email!

Did you check the parts diagram for the M-10 skid to see if those holes are actually for extra tires?

I personally have never seen tires located there on any M-10. Your problem may be mechanical interference at full suspension compression.

Motorhead Mark

Check out the specs for the 600 IQ LX

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