Bogging Polaris XC 600

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Dear Motorhead,

I have a 2001 Polaris XC 600 with a polaris 136″ conversion kit. Last time I was in Cooke City I experienced an occasional bog on the low end.

I have a Holtzman Atacc kit and have been very pleased with it on every trip to the mountains with no previous problems. I also have an SLP silencer, flowrites and high flow intake at lower elevations the sled runs flawlessly.

My question is after 4 years of use do parts on the Atacc wear out or do you think it could be something else?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great website!


Thanks for your email!

I think you have to look at almost everything in your engine given the age and use.

It’s possible you need a re-ring (the bog is a result of the engine being down slightly on power and trying to work with clutching and jetting which do not match its current health) or maybe some clutch parts renewed.

If you didn’t have the bog and now you do a simple answer like “check your jets” doesn’t apply.

Run a compression check and pull the Y-pipe and have a look at the piston skirt for blow-by. This might shed some light on the issue.

Motorhead Mark

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