Bleeding a 2004 Rev 800

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Dear Motorhead,

I recently put a new jug and piston, gaskets, etc. on my 2004 Rev 800. It runs great but after about 15 minutes it starts pushing antifreeze out the cap.

Is this an air lock problem? I see bubbles in the tank when its running.

How do I bleed it?



Thanks for your email!

I’m assuming your rad cap is in good shape and is sealing properly.

Here’s the deal with bleeding a Rev. Remove the cap and pick the front of the sled up higher than the rear cooler cross over pipe – that’s about a foot off the ground measured under the skis.

Leave it there and watch the coolant level go down as the air escapes. Top it off after a couple hours (I would suggest you let it stay nose-high overnight). I assume you know how to bleed the engine with the bleed screw – do this before and after picking the sled up – just to be sure.

Take the sled for a good pull, get it hot and then after cooling down check the level one more time. It’s a pain but this is a common problem after draining and refilling a Rev’s coolant.

Motorhead Mark

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