Backcountry X or Summit?

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Dear Motorhead:

Is the Backcountry X, the same as the Summit? I ride all over the Adirondack mountains in New York and need really strong shocks, a long track and relentless acceleration.

My intentions for the next Ski-Doo I buy Is that I can go anywhere and hit as many drifts and play all day in deep snow. Is the summit too much ? How does it ride down the trail?

Also, please let me Know where to apply to work at the Ski-Doo Manufacturing plant.

Again, thank you for you help.


Thanks for your email!

I would highly recommend you not use a Summit based Ski-Doo for flatland deep snow riding. Choose either the BC-X as you’ve stated or a Free-Ride.

Summits are built for non-stop deep snow, vertical riding and use a suspension (SC-5) and shock calibration to meet these uses head-on.

A BC-X has r-motion out back and can be ridden all day on trails in superb comfort while still being able to play and boon-dock off-trail with a 1.75 lug – 16 wide by 137 sneaker. The BC-X is the best choice for you.

Another issue is cooling – mountain sleds when ridden on hard-pack trails (like when traveling to a free ride area) can get hot as they depend on not just a little but tons of snow on the coolers in the tunnel.

Go to BRP’s website and follow to employment opportunities.

Good luck!

Motorhead Mark

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