Are The New Sleds As Good As They Say?

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Dear Motorhead:

I’ve been riding the Polaris Edge/Pro-X chassis for a couple years now, and can’t get enough. I am looking to upgrade my machine, but I am torn either to find myself a 2004 Polaris Pro-X or Pro-XR or try my luck with a Polaris IQ or Ski-Doo MXZ-X. 

I have 3 concerns with the newer sleds though, one being that new sleds just don’t feel the same. I find the older ‘sit down’ style sleds make railing around corners, or long ride much comfier.

I put a few hundred km on a relative’s 2003 Ski-Doo MXZ 600 HO Rev and found my knees and legs in a very awkward and uncomfortable position for sitting down and felt like I was being pushed into the gas tank standing or sitting. Is this just because I am not used the rider forward riding style? 

Secondly, I’m a very aggressive rider and I trust my Pro-X to take the big hits and the abuse I give it. Can I trust a Rev or IQ to do the same or do I need to find an X or Dragon package?
Also, Is it true that the newer sleds are way more difficult to work on? Or once the hood and side panels are off, everything is accessible? 



Thanks for your email!

Inasmuch as I would like to answer all your Q’s – I simply cannot – you must make some fundamental decisions.

Such as: There are no more “sit down” sleds being built – the future is now and rider forward is here to stay. This means you must adapt to these ergos. You simply have no choice.

Your next inquiry appears to me to be this: “Which is the best of the new sleds”. Sorry – can’t answer that definitively either. What about a dealer? That’s a more important Q which you should use as your starting point. If you can’t get parts, service and support the best sled becomes the poorest – doesn’t it?

Your “old” sit down Polarii are admittedly good sleds however, they are not as strong, as versatile or as good handling and riding as some of the newer units you’ve mentioned. I’m serious.

You need to try some good late model rides which generally fit your criteria – try a Rush, an XP or an F Cat. Try a 4 stroke too. Try an older IQ, you’ve tried an original Rev and you should try an X-Fire Cat as well.

You have lots of Q’s which only you can resolve. Remember – the best deal on the best sled without a good dealer turns sour real fast.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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