Aftermarket vs. Stock Pipes

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I purchased an Aaen pipe for my ‘05 Super sport. I weighed both the stock and the Aaen and you do save 15 lbs.

Aaen claims a 6 hp gain at the stock rpm. What are your thoughts on this change?

Mike Rohwedder


Thanks for your email!

I have no disagreement with your conclusions on the weight saving of the pipe you’ve purchased. Can you imagine if the OEM’s went to all-aluminum silencers? This kind of weight saving would be available across the board – maybe even greater in higher output models.

The claimed increase in power will be calculated on an engine which has been jetted properly. You made no mention of this in your question but I will comment.

When you add an aftermarket pipe you must verify jetting. The pipe is producing more power as a result of allowing the engine to scavenge more efficiently – thus – you will need to immediately up-jet and then do some plug readings to verify your changes.

Aaen is a solid aftermarket pipe builder with a good reputation. I would be surprised if they don’t have jetting recommendations for this application. In any case, re-jetting is not optional.

Verify the builder’s jetting recommendations before you pull the trigger.


Motorhead Mark

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