Added Boyesen Reeds To 800HO Summit

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Dear Motorhead,

I am currently rebuilding my 2004 Ski-Doo Summit 800HO from the bottom up and ordered some Boyesen reed petals for it.

It says in the instructions that I may need to rejet as Boyesen reeds tend to leave a stock engine in a rich fuel condition.

I was wondering if this is correct since my sled has DPM on it. I know the stock main jet in it now is very rich in case the DPM fails so the sled defaults to a rich condition to prevent a meltdown.

Wouldn’t it correct this issue or do I need to rejet my carbs? If so what size do you suggest?



Thanks for your email!

The difference in jetting from the addition of dual stage reeds would amount to no more than one size on the main.

This kind of change is not likley to hurt your Powertek 800.

Never perform jetting changes in either direction by more than one size at a time.

Ride the sled under identical conditions each time you jet and do a plug reading as a final safe guard.

You will notice a slight improvement in low end response with the reeds.
They are a proven product which works.


Motorhead Mark

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