A Million Little Questions About Cats

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Dear Motorhead,

First off, I love the Magazine. Keep up the good work! Now, I’m looking at getting a new sled. I have it down the 2007 F8 LXR and the 2007 Jaguar EB.

Both of these sleds are new. I do most of my riding in minnesota and wisconsin trail systems. I’m riding a 2001 ZR 600 EFI APV right now and want to get another Cat with the new twinspar chassie. I would like a little bit more power than what my 600 gives me.

I’ve been told the F8 gets better MPG than the Jaguar and with a bigger tank also, that would mean more distance. Have you guys found that to be true?

I also have been told that the Jaguar pulls like an 800 corner to corner and pulls real hard up to 80 plus. Would this be also correct?

In Supertrax Volume 19 , Number 4 you said the clutch kit for the jaguar provided an improvement in power and top end. Do you have any more information on that? Triple digits top end or how would that power compare to the 800? Is there any drawback in MPG with this kit?

Any information about both of these sleds would be great. I’m looking to save some money, but still want new so that is why i have it down to the 07’s. I know about most of the recalls on both of them.

Take care, 

Dan Titterud


Thanks for your email!

Okay, you’ve got lots of questions. Power? The Jag’s 4 stroke produces a claimed 125 HP. It feels like more at trails speeds because it’s a 4 stroke – it has more torque. Make sure you stud the Jag if you buy it.

Fuel mileage? The Jag wins hands down over the 800. The 1100 4 stroke in the Jag will deliver between 16-18 mpg on most rides. The 800 will be less than 15.

Both sleds ride exceptionally well but the ’07 800 pushes (understeers) in turns. I would recommend you immediately lose the stock dual runner carbides and install a set of single blade 6 inchers. This will make a dramatic improvement. The Jag is heavier up front and pushes less although the carbide change would be welcome there as well.

Both sleds are super good in bumps.

Hope this helps.

Motorhead Mark

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