600 Fusion Heat Problems

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I keep having a problem with the amount of heat coming out the foot peddles on my ’06 Fusion 600.

I remeber seeing a vent in Supertrax that was behind the left front shock. Can you repost that again?

Thanks and great mag. Keep up the good work.

Edgar Terry



I know there were some underhood heat problems with the Fusion bodywork last year, especially on the exhaust side when outdoor temps were extra warm.

Apparently, the new bodywork on all 2007 IQs has remedied the heat buildup around the muffler. Sorry, but I dunno about any company making grilles for the plastic area behind the front shocks. We’ll post this and see if we get a response for you.

Here’s what I’d do in the meantime. Just drill about 8, 3/8 inch holes through the plastic behind the right side shock tower on the back of and inside the wheel well . Keep the holes within about a 4×4-inch area and you can cover them later with an aftermarket grille – even old airbox lids modified work fine.

If you decide to just leave the holes exposed and they’re not too close to the outside of the bodywork, any snow getting inside will go directly toward the muffler.

The idea is to get more air flowing through that side of the bodywork but you need to keep vent holes low so intruding air and snow doesn’t interfere with underhood air pressure.

Less is more here and I’d suggest adding a few holes at first and making sure it makes a quantifiable difference before going nuts with the drill. You should probably remove the muffler and drill from the inside out.

Also, before doing anything at all, you may want to check with your Polaris dealer and see if there’s a freebie fix for this problem. Hope this helps.

Kent Lester

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