2015 AXYS – RUSH or Switchback?

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Dear Motorhead:

Just wondering about something and needing your opinion since they don’t let us buyers ride sleds before we buy them and I trust your opinion.

First off I’m a very experienced rider of 30 plus years, I’m 43 years old 6’3″, 250 lbs and ride very aggressively on Lower Michigan trails. I rarely ride off trail and 99% of time its groomed trails.

I’m definitely going to buy a new Polaris AXYS, but can’t decide between a RUSH or a Switchback. My last 2 sleds were a 2012 F1100 Turbo for 4200 miles and a 2014 ZR 8000 LXR for 2200 miles this year. I really like the 129 length for my style, but 137 might be too long and 120 I think is too short.

I know I want lightest weight and best handling, cornering as possible without giving up top end. I was wondering what difference in top speed and cornering etc between the 2 you experienced. I know I want light weight and fast as possible.


Luke G.


Thanks for your email!

The choice between a Switchback and a RUSH is more difficult in MY2015 with the new AXYS chassis. Here’s why.

The previous Pro-Ride platform displayed a much greater difference in ride quality between the 120 Rush and 137 Switchback. The new AXYS Rush 120 rides so good compared to the Pro Ride 120 that moving to the SB 137 is not as big a deal.

Conversely, the former Pro Ride Switchback was head and shoulders better in the bumps than the Rush 120 with virtually no compromise demanded in handling. The new Switchback rides great however I have to say honestly the difference in ride quality with the new Pro-XC rear skid is almost undetectable unless you’re in fairly large square edgers the 137 can bridge better.

So…you need to ask yourself if the longer track has value in terms of flotation in fresh untramped snow or on lakes. Our experience has shown us the length of the track affects WOT speeds very little – simply put a snowmobile does “know” how long its track is – it just drives through the track.

What will affect top speed is lug height – if you go beyond 1.25 inches you will notice some lowering of the sleds top speed. However, deeper lug tracks provide improved acceleration under many conditions.

Sorry I don’t have a definitive answer – hopefully these observations will help you decide.


Motorhead Mark

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