2008 Ski-Doo REV XP Renegade

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There have many debates and dicussions on many of the message boards regarding the riding and handling of the Rev Renegade and the 121″ Rev. I’m thinking the lighter weight on the new 08 Rev XP chassis may change all that.

Did SUPERTRAX get a chance to test the 08 Renegade and if you did, what if any riding differences did you notice with the weight lose on the Renegade?

I would believe that the 08 Renegade would handle very similar to the shorter Revs of old…your thoughts?

I’ve owned both and and ordered another Renegade for 08. Unfortunately, there was never a ‘Gade to test ride only the 120″ Rev XP

Peter Tamburro


Thanks for your email!

The new 137 Renegade rides better than the 120 inch (final spec) XP’s we rode in Colorado.

The XP limited build 800 was not all representative of what SD produced for the press three weeks ago.

The ride was dramatically improved and the 137 inch Renegade version was better in the same way over a 120 XP as the old Rev 136 Renegade was over the 121.

The 137 bridges moguls better than the 120 and the extra length is virtually transparent on hardpack but provides impressive flotation when things get deep.

There is a fairly concise report on the XP – including my comments on handling – on our site right now.

For sure, the new XP handles completely different than the old Rev. Much flatter and easier to flick around.

Motorhead Mark

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