2007 Polaris FST Cruiser

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Dear Motorhead,

I own a 2007 FST Crusier. I was told by a Polaris rep at a snowmobile show in October that the four second boost would be available as an upgrade for my sled, my dealer tell’s me the only upgrade available is better cold weather starting.

Also my sled has the ace electronic suspension when I shut the sled off for the day, the next day its at the lowest setting and has to be reajusted.

Is this what it is suppose to do? Any info you could give on these questions would be appricated.

Thank You,



Thanks for your email!

As of last week Polaris indicated the ECU on 07 FST’s can be “re-flashed” at no cost to owners providing better staring, improved mileage and the 4 second overboost feature – as on the MY ’08 FST’s.

I assume your sled is still under warranty and to this end I would suggest you have the electronic shock checked by your dealer – this is not the way it should work.


Motorhead Mark

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