2003 Ski-Doo Summt Track Swap

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Dear Motorhead:

I own a 2003 Ski-Doo Summit (ZX chassis) 800HO with a 144″ track. My buddy has a last years Summit XR-S (800R with the 151″) and he wants to replace his track with a Powder Max.

I was wondering what it would take to make that track fit my sled because he is willing to sell me the track for a smoking deal.

I know I will probably need a tunnel extension but I was wondering what else I would need to consider. Clutch tuning, different gears, etc.

Also, if this is possible, what difference would it make to my sled? Would it be night and day difference or would I need to start to consider some engine mods to turn the extra rubber?



You’ve got yourself some serious work and expense to facilitate a swap of this magnitude.

The tunnel is the least of your problems. You need a complete skid to put INSIDE the track!

This will require some interesting research on your part (please don’t ask us to do this!)

First, can you acquire a 151 inch skid? If you can will the 144 tunnel on your ZX have mounting locations far enough rearward in the existing braced tunnel (not in the extension) to support the rear arm? Will the deeper lugs on the 151 clear the front cooler? Finally, will the sled work right – weight balance etc?

Here’s my advice – don’t spend the time and effort on doing this! Sell or trade your ZX 144 for a Rev based Summit (new or used) with more track under it.

At the end of such an exercise you’ll have something that works, is reliable and will protect your invested dollars. Hacked up home-builts rarely command decent re-sale.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

I guess that would make sense sounds like a lot of work and money. I have another Q for you though. What can I do to give me a little more performance ?

I’m not sure if you have worked on a sled like mine or know anyone who has, but I just wanted to get a few tippers on how to improve performance without sacrificing durability.

Do you know a clutch / gearing set-up that works for this sled? What would reeds and a pipe do for me? It has an MBRP can but thats all.

Sled pulls hard (well as hard as the 800 HO will pull stock) and spins at about 7900 RPM at WOT.

Me and my buddies went riding last weekend up at the Wolverine area in Tumbler Ridge BC and we got lots of the white stuff up our way all you guys should come this way for a ride sometime.

Anyway thanks again.


Here’s my honest advice on modifying a Series III Rotax 800 – when new – not used. Don’t do it.

These are great engine with respectable power at the 135-138HP level. However, they are known for crank issues when modified or when they have about 10,000 kms or 6000 miles on them.

I would not increase HP at this point in the engines life unless you’re prepared to go over the entire mill. If you modify the engine it will live at the 150 HP level – that’s not much of an increase considering the new 800R puts out 152-154 out of the box.

The new 800R has a different crank and although some of the limited builds last year had issues, this year I believe the crank problem on the new 800R is solved.

Having said that – we have lots of experience with the Seriess III 800 (yours). They like cranks.

Hope this helps,

Motorhead Mark

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