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2006 Mach Z . No electric start. No 1 1/4 track. The best thing is that at 100 mph I go around my brother’s Apex GT.

If I could only start it and get a holeshot like the Yamaha he would have bought a Mach Z.

Jim Martin


Yeah, I know where you’re coming from. The Apex pulls good holeshots because 4-strokes make their biggest torque at low RPM – right off idle and up through the midrange. That’s what makes them feel so torquey all the time – because that’s here most people are riding.

Actually the Apex may produce a little less peak torque than the Mach. The 2-stroke Mach needs RPM to generate its biggest torque numbers.

Try this: Do a roll-on side by side at about 60 mph with the two sleds. The Mach Z will catapult away in this range – (and should, considering it’s making about 20 more horsepower).

The Mach’s ample torque from about 6000 RPM up easily overcomes the parasitic drag of the chassis and the friction of the track on the snow etc.

4-strokes tend to have a really broad, flat torque curve and 2-strokes torque curves tend to peak more sharply.

I’ve heard rumors about some starting problems with some Ski-Doo 1000s but don’t have an answer for you. Maybe this posting will stir up some discussion.

Have a safe winter.

Kent Lester

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