KLIM Backcountry Team Ride 2018

KLIM just released the latest 2018 Backcountry Team Ride video, where their mountain athletes spend two days riding epic Rocky Mountain terrain in KLIM’s testing grounds.

There’s really nothing like it. When KLIM takes premier snow athletes to the mountain west, it’s nonstop action. The third annual Backcountry Team Ride was yet another excellent opportunity for these athletes to ride together, push each other, and learn the constant improvements in gear. The level of riding skill here is truly unmatched, so it’s a chance for the pros to challenge each other with bigger climbs, jumps and aggressive riding.

It’s not just games and playtime, though. The KLIM Backcountry Team Ride is a perfect place for KLIM to continue gathering feedback on new gear. These athletes are extremely hard on their equipment, so KLIM greatly values the ability to get real, live feedback on the newest products.

The Backcountry Team Ride is also a chance for KLIM to sit down with the athletes and update them on the latest gear technologies, as well as train them on the differences between KLIM and any other snowmobile gear company. Constant development means it’s important to show these riders why gear is made the way it is, and how it’s built to further improve their time on the snow.

KLIM gear is engineered from real world experience and by listening closely to rider feedback. This continued drive to enhance the riders experience wouldn’t be the same without a dedicated team of backcountry riders pushing sleds and gear to the limits.



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