Temiskaming Shores: WHERE GOLD IS WHITE

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These Trails Draw Like a Magnet

By John Arkwright

When you visit the municipalities of New Liskeard, Haileybury and Dymond, also known as Northern Ontario’s Temiskaming Shores, you can be sure you’ll receive a real Ontario welcome.

The region gets its name from Lake Temiskaming, with its eastern shoreline in Quebec and its west beaches in Ontario.

This is the southern portion of Ontario’s Wilderness Region (formerly the James Bay Frontier) and it has some of the most fantastic snowmobile trails you’ll ever ride.

Temiskaming Shores is located about six hours north of Toronto. When you drive north on Highway 11, visual clues will tell you you’re getting close.

First, a white ribbon of super trail called Ontario TOP Trail A magically appears running along the right, beside the highway. Next, you’ll see the mother of all Holstein cows (I call her Big Heather) on your right. You are now officially in Ontario’s version of Texas where everything is larger than life.

Typical of this area is how the local club trails and the province-wide TOP Trails are groomed and maintained with equal quality. It’s what makes this region such an absolute hoot to ride!

There are several options for short rides in and around New Liskeard and Haileybury, to the south, down to Cobalt, Latchford and even around the town of Temagami.

North of New Liskeard you can ride towards Belle Vallee with several different trail options there. For longer day trips you head west toward Elk Lake on A Trail where there are even more options as to the length of your ride.

You might decide to do an over-nighter in one of the outlying communities. There’s a good selection of warm and comfortable accommodations with excellent restaurants on-site or close by.

This area offers some of the finest riding you’ll find anywhere. I know your first visit will not be your last because I’ve gotten hooked and just keep going back!

For information on this region visit www.gorideontario.com
For trail permits and trail info visit www.tata-bestsnowmobiling.com or call 1-888-828-2766.

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