Solution To Sled Theft In Lanaudiere, Quebec

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The good guys are winning the war on snowmobile theft in the popular snowmobile tourism region of Lanaudiere in the Canadian Province of Quebec.

Snowmobile theft in Quebec had become an issue a few years back with stories circulating of increased risk for snowmobilers visiting Lanaudiere – among the world’s most popular and thrilling places to snowmobile.

Just released numbers on snowmobile theft in Lanaudiere are nothing short of amazing. They provide clear and positive proof the deliberate and well planned attack on mindless thugs who perpetuated the problem earlier this decade is not just working but clearly turning the tables.

Last season (2004) snowmobile theft dropped by more than 50% in the region. Theft stats just released are comparable to any snowmobile tourism region in North America and indicate there’s no more risk of these incidents in Lanaudiere than anywhere else.

Considering the overwhelming popularity of the region and the enormous number of both US and Canadian visitors to Lanaudiere, the progress business operators and Police have had on snowmobile theft is exemplary.

Here’s how they’ve turned the tables on snowmobile theft. First, tourism operators have invested heavily in video surveillance and alarm equipment at restaurants, lodges, hotels, motels and other tourist oriented businesses. These sophisticated devices are convincing thugs it’s too risky to tamper with patrons snowmobiles, trailers and trucks.

Police involvement has been stepped up in Lanaudiere as well. Local law enforcement has waged a deliberate war on snowmobile thieves and the region has quickly become known as a bad place to steal snowmobiles, trucks and trailers.

Many accommodation providers in the region have built snowmobile lock up compounds for overnight guest parking. These locks up are video surveyed and provide iron clad security against the creeps who steal snowmobiles.

All in all, the war on snowmobile theft will continue – not just in Lanaudiere, Quebec but right across North America. Other states, provinces and tourism destinations can take heart in what Lanaudiere has accomplished in a relatively short time period.

Score one for the good guys. Helmets off to Lanaudiere, Quebec’s snowmobile tourism operators!

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