Power to Make Your Jaw Drop

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MBRP has just released a new can for the Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo that will totally redefine what you expect from your sled.

First MBRP shaved off seventeen pounds compared to stock. Then, thanks to hours of prototyping and extensive testing engineers were able to add ten additional horsepower to what was already a pretty respectable machine.

Wrap that all up in a polished stainless steel body and give it the classic MBRP growl and you have performance beyond your wildest dreams.

Find out more about MBRP’s performance exhaust products and off road accessories at www.mbrp.com or call toll free at (888) 636-7223.

About MBRP Inc: MBRP, the leading performance exhaust manufacturer for snowmobile and diesel light trucks, also manufactures the fastest growing line-up of performance exhaust systems and accessories for Ford, Dodge, Chevy/GMC, Toyota, Nissan and Jeep, as well as applications for select luxury vehicles, new-model muscle cars, sport compacts, and motorcycles.

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